Saturday, May 15, 2004

107 Dedication of Artwork, Sunday May 16

The first choice of the UALC Visual Arts Ministry for a purchase is this very large drawing of a tree by Linda Langhorst now hanging in Library Lane. There is no way to look at this piece and not see numerous Biblical passages.

The entire line of David in the Bible is pictured as a tree, a root, a stump, a branch that ultimately develops into Christ, the vine, the tree of life, executed on a tree, having threatened fire to "every tree which does not bear good fruit" (Mt. 3:10).* This drawing reflects the teachings of our church as a symbol of our rootedness in Jesus Christ and the importance of our faith producing good fruit.

Linda is originally from western New York. She received a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at Ohio State University, and lives in Upper Arlington and with her family is active at North Congregational Church.

Her work is exhibited in many private and corporate collections in New York, Minnesota, Florida, Colorado, Indiana and Ohio. Her “Buckeye Drum” watercolor is featured in the art collection at the OSU Fisher College of Business.

Linda is active in various local art groups, lending her support and guidance to both new and mature artists. She is currently in the UAAL Spring 2004 show on the upper level at the Mill Run Campus.

*Douglas Jones, "Reading trees," Books and Culture, Sept/Oct 2003.

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