Wednesday, October 27, 2004

194 Kill the twerps before they can populate the planet with poor people

I noticed a warm, heartfelt letter on morality in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, from Maurice Bluestein, Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology, at IU-PU, in Indianapolis.

“A willingness to pay for abortions does not mean promoting abortion; providing money so that a poor person can have an abortion, which is legal, so as to prevent yet another youth from growing up in poverty, is moral. Engaging in stem cell research [i.e. cloning] is moral.”

This is the basis for much of “pro-choice” morality. Greed disguised as compassion.

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AlbinoCow said...

I do think that abortions should be rare, only in the worst cases, but I do think that they should be legal.

Anyways, the stem-cells that would be experimented on would have been destroyed anyway. It's taking advantage of something that's going to die in the end to try to find a cure for paralyzing diseases and injries.