Monday, March 28, 2005

253 Not only Christians fight for Terri

"Eleanor Smith of Decatur, Georgia, sat on Tuesday in a motorized wheelchair in front of the hospice, baking in the sun, with a sign on her lap reading, "This agnostic liberal says 'Feed Terri."'

Seems she'll take the Christians over the ACLU when it comes to life.

Story here.


Collin said...

All of you so obsessed with one American's hospice transition should have a good look at the suffering caused by the War in Iraq, courtesy of George W. Bush.

There are over 1500 dead soldiers, 30,000 injured on the U.S. side, 100,000 dead and who knows how many injured on the Iraqi side.

Norma said...

That 100,000 figure is completely bogus--it's closer to 15,000. Still too many, but fewer than if Sadaam were still in charge. The first legal abortion led to 40 million; Terri however isn't the first and won't be the last.