Wednesday, June 08, 2005

277 Be ready with the evidence

Remember that old saw, "If you were accused of being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" This morning during the radio "drive-time" with Bob Connors (WTVN 610) I heard an interview, or at least the introduction, with a very prominent Columbus area pastor who heads the largest congregation in the city, and maybe the state. I won't mention his name or church because this blog is picked up by an aggregator and we're not supposed to be critical of other churches, faiths, or denominations. Let's just say this church is big, fundamentalist and charismatic with an enormous community outreach and education program, and a televised service that goes all over the world.

Anyway, Bob begins with: "Tell us Rev. X, what is a Christian?" To which Mr. Big Church gives a long drawn out definition that would make the World Council of Churches proud, because he never mentions Jesus Christ! Then Bob responds, "Oh, when I was growing up I learned a Christian was a person who followed Jesus Christ." The pastor laughed and made some comment about that was why Bob was in radio (he could say something in few words) and he was a pastor, (because he needed many words to say the same thing). At this point, I was in the parking lot turning off the key, so I'm not sure if the pastor ever caught on that he'd just blown the interview. Also, I don't know what the discussion was about, so perhaps he recovered later on and made our Lord rejoice to have him as a follower.

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Suzi said...

This isn't related to the pastor story, but the question of evidence.

One of my previous pastors (we moved a lot) worked in South America before returning to the US. He told a story which made me think.

A group of people were worshipping. Suddenly the doors of the church slammed open and six men, wearing combat fatigues and masks and carrying automatic weapons, entered the building. They swung the guns around in a threatening manner.

"Who in here is a Christian? If you're a Christian, stay. If you're not, get out of here."

Many of the church goers left.

The men then locked the church doors, took off their masks, put down their guns, and asked the pastor to resume the service.

Would I have left? Would I have sent my sons out the door?