Friday, December 16, 2005

311 Turn Your Radio On

I'm finishing up some Christmas cards that I missed earlier in the month. I've got my Bill Gaither video tapes in the living room vcr and the volume cranked--"Turn Your Radio On" and "Old Friends." I love these old Gospel, swing and sway, emotional songs for listening, just not for worship. I think these were made in 1993 and 1995--many of these performers who were up in years then, have since died. I think his purpose was to capture some of them while they could perform, but the series became so popular now it's sort of become an institution. "Turn your radio on" is the one I have on now. I particularly like Cynthia Clawson, but it is very difficult to find her on CD since she's not the "current" contemporary Christian music anymore. (And I refer to impulse buying at stores, not going on-line.)

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JAW said...

Glad I'm not the only Lutheran that likes the Gaither stuff. I might even accept it in a worship service with some guidance. My favorit are the Goodmans love to watch her sing.
I watch the TV Guide often to see when I might catch a show. However I have never ordered one. Perhaps I should.

Glad to see i"m not the only Lutheran who likes Gathers stuff. The Goodmans are my favorits. I ck the TV guide often hoping to see a show.