Tuesday, July 04, 2006

361 United Brethren in Christ

They are not the EUB and they are not the BIC, but it is a small U.S. based denomination (Huntington, IN) and one of my links at Collecting my thoughts is to Steve, at Random Pokes, who writes about his activities in the Anchor Church. (His parents are recently retired pastors.) The story of Anchor Church reminds me a bit of UALC's Hilltop Lutheran congregation. A graying church was closed, and then was restarted with leadership from a larger, thriving UB church, Emmanuel.

"Everything was different--the leaders, the style of worship, the music, the appearance of the facility. There were plenty of kids once again. And the people of the neighborhood soon discovered that the red brick church down on the corner was alive and kicking. Over the next few years, most of those original 50 core-group members returned to Emmanuel or relocated to different towns or states because of work. Only about ten of them remain. But the church has grown significantly, averaging about 130 people now."

Steve's site is worth a visit, and I'd recommend his church if the website would just mention what city it is in! I found a map after about 6 clicks, and I think it is Fort Wayne, but can't be sure. Church websites and libraries often make it very hard to discover what town they are in. Didn't Paul always mention this in his epistles?

But here's the headquarters:
United Brethren Offices
302 Lake St.
Huntington, IN 46750
Phone: (260) 356-2312

Update oops: I just clicked back through and found the address of Anchor:
1529 Third Street
Fort Wayne, Ind.

During the summer there is just one service--9 a.m., but the rest of the years there are two.

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