Thursday, December 06, 2007

A disciplined thought life

A constant struggle, isn't it--and she addresses the problem well, after the deep disappointment in a spiritual leader:
    This came at the heels of my own realization that my thought life was out of order with regards to someone, and frankly I needed to repent. Daydreaming about someone else other than your mate is a sin, just as surely as literally going out on them is and it violates at a lot of levels. Most importantly, by indulging this I fail to do the most important thing I can do which is to focus on the here and now, and live in the moment... Moment by moment taking things as they come. I realized that my harmless little daydream had become a sort of fluffy blanket to wrap myself in against the emotional cold of my marriage, but because it isn't real, it only leads to frustration and discontent, and anger, and like the alcoholic, you think the one drink is only warming you and lightening your heart, but really its leading you into a darkness because that one glass in your hand becomes two..."What will it hurt?" and then its the bottle and it consumes you...
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Terry said...

Hi Norma,

Thank you for your comment on my comment:)

It's cool to meet another gal who loves blogs as much as I do.

One of the reasons I've discovered they are such a blessing is that God uses the writers of those blogs to kind of 'mentor' me.

Kind of like how this post of yours motivates me to have a more holy, pleasing-to-God thought life.

Muchos gracias, amiga!