Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Look what I found

We joined UALC in 1976, but were attending in 1974, so I think this LP was made before then. William Halverson was the choir director, Marolyn Halverson was director of The Twelve, and Mary Pinkerton the Organist. Luther Strommen and Paul Ulring, pastors. Steve Puffenberger was the engineer. I see lots of choir names that I recognize--still at the church--and some who've gone home, and some to Minnesota, which for Lut'rans, would be the next best thing, I suppose.

I believe the photo is taken below the dam on the Scioto River along Rt. 33.

Our current choir director is Michael Martin. It's worth getting into the service early (Lytham) just to hear him pray with the choir. Our senior pastor is Paul Ulring, assisted by Pastors John Stolzenbach and Eric Waters. Eric's been on board about two weeks, and wow! are people excited about this guy. I hear he speaks Russian. Maybe I can practice. Pastor Dave Mann is on the payroll, but serving in Haiti.

I found it while looking for this. They both smell pretty musty.

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