Friday, November 06, 2009

Peace and Justice Christians--Do they ever get to talk about Jesus?

"The Pittsburgh interfaith impact network, which comprises more than 30 faith-based organizations, promised to hold them [senators, city council reps] accountable on issues such as health care, immigration reform, racial profiling, neighborhood blight and public transportation.

For two hours at Epiphany Catholic Church in Uptown, PIIN members outlined problems and plans for reform, then called upon officials or, in some cases, their surrogates, to answer a series of yes or no questions.

Among the promises, representatives for Sens. Bob Casey Jr. and Arlen Specter said they would support legislation that protects immigrant workers from abuse regardless of whether they were born in the United States.

Allegheny County Council President Rich Fitzgerald said he would continue to support plans to make shopping malls more accessible to public transit riders. A representative for County Executive Dan Onorato said he would make eradicating blight a priority.

And Pittsburgh police Chief Nathan Harper said he will work to implement a policy that would bar officers from targeting people based solely on race. He also agreed to create a "cultural diversity training program" that would be mandatory for each officer and said he wants the force to better represent the diversity of the community it serves."

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Brittanicus said...

Has anybody thought deeply about the consequences of another illegal immigrant amnesty. Let's forget for the moment that suddenly 20 to 30 million people are going to be legalized? That Sanctuary states like California, New Mexico have been financially ridden hard into the ground, because illegal workers and their families are feeding at a gold mine of taxpayer money in government benefits. Let's not mention that since the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill, those made legal, was able to bring into the United States their extended family members. That although they signed an affidavit to support them, many ended up at the the taxpayers expense. So let's slide to the side the expenditures to educate, offer free health care treatment and all the rest of hidden costs of subsiding a large portion of the US population. The fact that the businesses that draw them here, from every corner of the world--PAYS NOTHING. IT"S A FREE-BEES FOR PARIAH BUSINESS. BETTER KNOWN AS CORPORATE WELFARE.

So president Obama bypasses the masses, who have entreated--NO BLANKET AMNESTY. No path to citizenship! So the millions already here get a free ride to your pensions, social security public option health care welfare. NOW HERE COMES THE FIRESTORM. Have we taken leave of our senses, to think for one moment the fact that another amnesty which is in the works, that the single layer fence is going to hold back millions and millions of more people? That this will not be small lines of illegal aliens crossing the border during the hours of darkness? This is going to be an unimaginably rush that 9000 border patrol agents, is --Expected?-- to hold at bay? Not even the National Guard and regular GI's could stop the wave upon wave? They will sweep in from El Salvador, Columbia, Guatemala, Peru, Chile and of course Mexico. They will arrive from Canada, Ireland, Poland, Romania by plane.

Every corner of the world will hear the trumpet call of Obama's AMNESTY. Chinese immigrants with tourist visas, will fly into Mexico City. Not just the poor, but the sick, mentally handicapped along with criminals absconding from the arm of the law across this planet. NOW THE MOST URGENT QUESTION IS? WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR ALL THIS? We are already swallowing the massive funding for Iraq and Afghanistan. We cannot even find jobs for hapless 15 million American workers, who (if true) are joining day laborers at Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes parking lots. So who is going to house, feed and pay-out even more strained US taxpayer money? Perhaps we should send families of illegal aliens to squat in Sen. Harry Reid's house in Nevada. Send another crowd to live in House Speakers grape plantations in Central California.

Brittanicus said...

Let's give them free bus fare to each and every politician with a lousy immigration grading, such as Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL). Why not have them live-in at every ACLU office and their so called communist lawyers could feed them. Every pro-illegal immigrant Chamber of Commerce member could open a spare room and settle some family. All the anti-sovereignty lawmakers should have plenty of room in their Virgina mansions, for a number of impoverished families. Even the President has that large White structure could exhibit some kindness to homeless families? Any of the House and Senate who compromised illegal immigration enforcement, should announce their address for resettlement of people who just run the gauntlet at the underfunded border fence. Let's face it these people who call us names such as xenophobes bigots and worse, ugly cuss words should open their doors to anybody who enters America illegally. Microsoft multi-billionaire Gates and the thousands of businesses that don't incur a darn cent should bring these family members together in their giant homes. Perhaps American workers should obtain a hard copy list of every unpatriotic American and give illegal immigrant matroic a page of addresses for their extended illegal families?

Then just picture the traffic chaos in every corner of America, unless you live in an isolated ranch in the Mohave desert, in California. We think we have road rage now, but give it a few weeks after unfettered AMNESTY. I even have a better idea. Open Americas doors completely? No Ellis Island, Galveston Island. No documents, no inspections. NO NOTHING. Give everybody a bus ticket of their choosing, to where they wish to go? See how long the open border zealots put up with that progressive rush to overpopulation.

Read about E-Verify being extended 3 years, instead of being tabled by anti-sovereignty Senator Harry Reid. That the Salvation army has disassociated itself from congregational religions and faith groups and does not endorse the National Association of Evangelicals' recent lobbying for amnesty and for an increase in foreign labor importation. That Zogby International poll reveals that 56 percent of Mexicans believe that someone they know would try entering the United States illegally if the country was to offer legal status to illegal aliens. This just a few of the nasty arrangements our so-called politicians have in store for us.

Another non-profit group is JUDICIAL WATCH with their main attention focused on political corruption in all levels of government. Judicial Watch is a watchdog over our government, legal, and judicial systems. The site posts a summary of the court cases they are pursuing along with related news stories. Currently on their site is the ACORN controversy.
In conclusion, be very aware of a blanket amnesty if enacted. Not only will millions more get past the border fence, but the costs cannot even be calculated with family reunification - known as "chain migration". A massive Armada of the old, young, mentally sick could be sponsored. The legalized sponsor, in the majority of actions, never fulfills his financial commitment to his charges and they end up as a taxpayer expense.

Brittanicus said...

The CAPSWEB site is all about our rush towards overpopulation. The US Census Bureau has not denied that America's population could climb to projections of a 50-percent increase in the domestic population by the year 2050. Escalating from 255 million to 383 million. The next 100 million will suffocate our ability to maintain water, energy, food, communication, infrastructure and a balanced environment. It will put out of reach any chance for a stable and sustainable population within the USA. It will also create horrific water shortages and exacerbate the energy and climate destabilization crises.


Other pieces of information contributing to the dilemma of US legal population: Senate Census allows to Count Illegal Aliens for Congressional Districting . CBO Says New Health Care Bill Would Cover 2.5 Million More Illegal Aliens. Sen. Reid Kills E-Verify Amendment to Unemployment extension Bill. Pro-Enforcement Candidates win in Virginia and New Jersey. 68% of Americans Oppose Sanctuary Cities

You can learn about the corruption and incompetence of lawmakers at NUMBERSUSA. Court cases, political sleaze and immigration non-enforcement at JUDICIAL WATCH. How population growth will effect future generations at CAPSWEB. NO BLANKET AMNESTY!