Tuesday, February 23, 2010

13 liberal Columbus pastors going to DC

But not for "social justice." They want to deprive another Christian organization of its tax exempt status. Perhaps their churches should give up their tax status too and start turning down government grants for their Biblical "good works."

Dispatch Story.
    The Rev. Eric Williams, pastor of the North Congregational United Church of Christ on W. Henderson Road, said he had vaguely followed early news reports about C Street Center and, "at some point, I heard that C Street was a church - and that's what hooked me. The more I read about it, the more I discovered there is no transparency and there is clearly a blending of private influence with public officials."

    He organized a group of activist pastors in Columbus who in recent years have fashioned themselves as watchdogs for the separation of church and state, filing IRS complaints twice against central Ohio churches they think improperly delved into politics.

    In their complaint, the pastors cite news reports, property records, IRS regulations, congressional records and other sources to bolster their case that the C Street Center is not a church but a boardinghouse providing cheap rent for members of Congress.
I'm just so impressed that there are no poor, no hurting, no needy, no unchurched, no unsaved in Columbus, Ohio. Nice that these folks have the time, money and desire to clean things up in another city. Is this the same gang that went after Rod Parsley? Has any of them ever led a sinner to Christ?


Anonymous said...

Norma... Norma... - Where do I begin? A private boarding house - serving sometimes as a brothel - offering nearly free room and board to Members of Congress earning $174,000 per year. How, in your mind; where, in your universe - does that qualify as a "Church?" On what planet do you reside, Norma?

Why do you assume that pastors who invest time, energy, and their own reputations to confront this travesty can do nothing else? Why do you assume that the thirteen pastors who filed this complaint spend none of their other time caring for the sick, giving to the poor, attending to the homeless, and preaching the word of God?

Norma said...

And your information came completely unbiased from this gang of pastors who have never preached anything about salvation?