Saturday, October 27, 2012

Observed at the coffee shop today

“What do you say!” she barked loudly to her small daughter who had just received her do-nut. “Thank you,” the little one meekly replied.

I know I did that to my kids too back in the 1970s, which is probably why I noticed (could hear myself) but gosh, it grates on my old ears now. It kind of smacks of “Everyone look at me, I’m teaching my kid good manners (by being rude to her in public).”

We had a lot of help becoming the crass, rude, it’s-all-about-me people we are today. Here’s my own assessment.

Prayer and Bible reading were taken out of schools incrementally, which removed any thought that there was an over arching system of justice or wisdom above Me. Today you can’t even pass out red and green M&Ms at a school “holiday party.”

A War on Poverty was launched which drove men out of their children’s lives and diminished respect for marriage, which in turn removed tacit authority of parents. A single mom making $29,000 a year, can boost her income to about $69,000 through government benefits like housing allowances, EITC, SNAP, etc.

Second Vatican Council (Vatican II) took the Catholic church in a different direction, with much misunderstanding and craziness, and the Protestants just followed along. Happy clappy songs and sloppy loopy teachings have replaced sound doctrine and good liturgy in all Christian denominations.

With falling standards among Christians in the 60s and 70s, divorce, contraception and abortion became the trinity of free and/or marital sex and shacking up. What’s the point of modeling good behavior?

Boomers came of age—got themselves into all sorts of messes, including war protests and Marxism. Resulted in a lot of them becoming academics and passing it along to Gen-Xers and Next-Gen. They became sappy grandparents with low to no standards.
That’s a lot to read into a rude parenting style, but words have consequences to the 3rd and 4th generation.


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, they do, Norma! And we may be too far gone to turn the ship around, so to speak. I like to believe that we are not...or, that it's better, at least, to go down swinging.

How lonely it can be, to bring up children with no decent prevailing culture to bolster good decisions made in the home. Still, we soldier on, as we have to. We must, despite the "sloppy loopy teachings" that are present wherever our children turn.


Robert Mahan said...

If I were the child, I'd be so ashamed in public. :( But in my own opinion, the one who should be ashamed is the parent, because that's not the right way to teach good manners to your child - the parent should have spoken to his/her child nicely. Or if the parent wants to shout, at least, do it privately. Anyway, speaking of kids, hot drinks for children should be no hotter than 130 degrees F. Keep that in mind, Miss Norma, just in case you bring along your grandchildren. :)