Monday, December 21, 2015

Wait, Hope, Trust

Advent Meditations for December 21

Wait when the seed is planted, Wait for the rain to fall;

Wait for the restless green sprout, Wait while the plant grows tall.

Wait for the coming Savior, Wait through the heart’s slow race;

Wait for the kingdom’s dawning, Wait till we see his face!

Hope when the sun is setting, Hope through the dark of night;

Hope though the moon is waning, Hope as we long for light.

Hope for the coming Savior, Hope through the heart’s slow race;

Hope for the kingdom’s dawning, Hope till we see his face!

Trust in the new spring’s promise, Trust through the summer’s heat;

Trust in the dying autumn, Trust through the winter sleet.

Trust in the coming Savior, Trust in the heart’s slow race:

Trust in the kingdom’s dawning, Trust till we see His face!

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