Sunday, August 08, 2004

146 About our freedoms

Shots Across the Bow has an interesting comment on Michael Moore's film flim flam:

"I'm proud to live in a country where a man can make a movie like this and not wind up in a gulag, or live in fear of a midnight knock on the door, followed by torture and murder. I'm proud that, all protests from liberal democrats aside, freedom of speech still rules in America, that Michael Moore, can stand up and spout his lies and distortions, and not only remian a free man, but make a very nice living doing so. It's almost oxymoronic; the very fact that Moore could make Farenheit 911 discredits one of Moore's central theses, that we no longer live in a free society."

However, he wonders about those of you who swallowed that nonsense. To read the rest, go here.

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