Thursday, August 12, 2004

148 Religion in Wired

At my blog on first issues of magazines "In The Beginning," I've written about the premiere issue of Wired. It isn't religious, but sometimes I am awed by what I see about God and creation in "secular" sources. For instance, this from the August 2004 issue, p. 108:
What we think of as life on this planet is only the surface layer of a vast undiscovered world. The great majority of Earth's species are bacteria and other microorganisms. They form the bottom of the food chain and orchestrate the cycling of carbon, nitrogen, and other nutrients through the ecosystem. They are the dark matter of life. They may also hold the key to generating a near-infinite amount of energy, developing powerful pharmaceuticals, and cleaning up the ecological messes our species has made.
Long before I was a Christian I had given up on "evolution" as totally implausible. And if I weren't a believer in a Creator, this kind of a paragraph would send me searching for Truth.

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