Monday, January 03, 2005

226 UA Couple saved by prayer and alert bank teller

While Judy was bound and gagged at home and guarded by a burglar, her husband John, a hostage in his own car, drove with the other burglar to the bank. The teller noticed the injuries to his head and notified the police. John and Judy are parents of members of our church. The Channel 6 story of their ordeal and rescue:

"Upper Arlington Couple Taken Hostage
John and Judy Hansel were taken hostage in their own home.The Hansels say two men knocked on the door and then shoved their way in. "I'd have to say it's a heck of a way to start out the New Year, by getting hit in the head, and slugged in the jaw, and tied up in your own home," says John.

The suspects tied up Judy and put duct tape over her eyes, and forced her to lie on the floor. One of the robbers then took John to the bank and demanded he withdraw $10,000.

Judy, was left home alone with a violent criminal, and prayed for a way out for herself and for her husband. "Those hopeful prayers were answered when a bank teller here, saw the bad bruises on John's head, got suspicious and called police," she says.

That's when the high speed chase started, ending on State Route 315. Police took the first suspect into custody. John then told police that his wife was still being held hostage at their home. John was taken to a local hospital.

Later a swat team and three police department's arrived at the home and swarmed the yard. She was left alone in a room, while one suspect rummaged through the rest of the house. Judy says her escape was a miracle. The other suspect eventually gave himself up.

The two men charged with causing all this chaos are Robert Jackson and Michael Lathon. Both suspects are being charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, and kidnapping. They are expected to be in court Monday morning."

In the TV interviews we saw, Judy told about calling on the name of Jesus, praying aloud and telling the burglars about Jesus. We know the Hansel family to be people of great faith. About 20 years ago their youngest son was killed by an emergency vehicle going through a red light and striking the family car on the way to school.

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