Monday, January 17, 2005

231 Every denomination needs one of these

When I first came across UCC Truths I was a little puzzled that a United Church of Christ website would be pointing out so many of its own failings. Then I read the "about us" section and realized this is a page put together by members of UCC who aren't happy about what is coming out of denominational headquarters. "The truth behind the issues that you won't hear from the United Church of Christ" is what they call it. They also have a message board for discussion.

Remember that UCC ad that CBS refused to run? Here's what UCC Truths says about it:
"The advertisement is controversial and a little deceiving on a number of levels. It portrays the UCC as an "Open and Affirming" denomination while strongly implying that other churches are not... but even within our own denomination, according to a UCC website, less than 10% of the churches are "Open and Affirming" (500+ out of 6,000). The advertisement goes beyond identifying why the UCC is a good and open church by trying to tag other churches as brutish thugs - and this appears to be the concern of CBS."

That was my objection to the ad--the way it portrayed other churches as thugs and bouncers.

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