Sunday, February 12, 2006

333 Choir

I covet your prayers for our choir--because I've joined! It's been many years--probably more than you've been on this earth--since I've sung anywhere but the car or shower. I used to be a soprano, but something happens to your voice as you age. A nurse friend of mine explained yesterday that as the estrogen level goes down, the balance between the estrogen and testosterone changes and women's voices deepen. Oh great.

Anyway, I went Wednesday night for the first time and the director doesn't make you audition or try out for any parts, I just sat between two strong (fabulous) sopranos and hope that I can make a joyful noise for the Lord this morning. I now have a folder with my name on it just like the big kids.

We sing at both the 8:30 and the 11 traditional services which means I'll be at church all morning. I can either sit in on the 9:45 service (informal) or attend a Sunday School class, or eat donuts and drink coffee.

The choir is a very warm, welcoming group--you would have thought I was the prodigal daughter when I walked in. We opened with a beautiful prayer by the director, and closed with devotions by a member who is 92. Afterwards we also had a birthday party for a member who is 80. After going to the balcony to rehearse today's anthem (the choir loft is in the balcony space), the director asked for comments on what the words of the song meant (the tune is Finlandia, but I don't remember the title). A number of people gave wonderful testimonies of their faith and how God has led them through difficult times.

So, my prayer request is very specific: restore and heal my voice (and protect the choir!)

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Cathy said...

Congratulations on joining the choir (I am on a sabbatical right now) - you said you were a soprano. You may find that as you use your singing voice now, your range will increase - and you might be comfortable singing sop and alto and can change - I found/find the more I sing, but stronger my outer limits of my range increase - for a while I was singing alto, and then as I stretched beyond what I thought I could, the notes did come.
However, there are some changes in voices as one ages, but we have some in our group in their 60s and 70s that still sing soprano and sing higher than me and do GREAT!