Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The fifty most influential Christians

The Church is an on line Christian resource for leaders, pastors, and parachurch executives. The January 2006 issue was about the fifty most influential Christians. Dr. Phil was #50. I had no idea he was a Christian. Joyce Meyer was rated higher (#7) than Beth Moore (#45) or Anne Graham Lotz (#14), both of whom could preach and teach circles around her and (snarky alert) are better dressed (no bling bling). Plus she's been investigated for some funny finances. And that theology! Whooeee.


Cathy said...

When I went to the link of the 50 most influential Christians, I could not find it. Could they have changed the page?

Norma said...

I tried my link and it worked. It could be it was down for a few minutes for revision.