Sunday, October 01, 2006

372 Back in the fall routine

Well, not quite. Last Monday I forgot to go in and shelve books at the church library, but at least I remembered the mail run on Thursday. Today my husband and I were communion servers. It is the week-end of the Jubilee Celebration (50th anniversary of the founding of the congregation). Nice commemorative stories in the church newsletter by some of the founders who met in the basement of the first pastor's house before we ever had a rented location or building.

I'm still not over my anger at our former senior pastor (see previous entry). I'm still grieving for his wife and family, I think. I'm wondering if the huge debt (building program) he led us into was a result of God's direction, or his own desire to have a legacy. Or maybe guilt. A number of the women I've talked to have commented that they always felt he was smug and arrogant, and talked like he was right up there with God. One said he all but patted her on the head and treated her like a child when she came to him with an idea. Yes, that's how he treated women--well, most women.

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