Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Talent on loan from God

While I was on my walk today I was listening to Christian radio, 880 am Columbus. The commentator, Bob Burney, disagreed with a caller who said Mark Foley needed our prayers and counseling. The host said that without redemption, he was still lost in sin, and counseling would just encourage him to reach deep down for his own goodness or god spirit or likeness (I'm paraphrasing). Then he said something that surprised me. Burney said that after Rush Limbaugh returned from time in drug rehab for his prescription drug problem, he noticed a distinct change. Rush's signature statement, "talent on loan from God" which used to be a shtick to irritate his enemies and gives his friends a chuckle is now dead serious, said the host. Burney believes that counseling had changed Rush--and not in a good way.

I've always laughed at that phrase, because the joke is (to me) all our talents are on loan from God, not just his. I wonder who the host thinks gave him his talents? And does he think they belong to him or are on loan for the glory of the kingdom?

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