Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Catholic left flees its roots

A former Kerry worker cheers the rush to Obama, after all there's more to Christianity than saving the unborn, not experimenting on embryos and respecting God's plan for marriage, right?
    One of the groups to emerge from the welter of concern after the ’04 election was Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Executive director Alexia Kelley, a veteran of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, who was exposed to the Catholic social justice tradition while studying at Harvard Divinity School, thinks organizations like hers resulted from “a common desire among Catholics to have a united voice and message.”

    She and others believed “the notion of the common good is absent or eclipsed in the public square. We have something to offer our politics, which is so divided and based on the ‘you’re-on-your-own-mentality.’ ”

    Catholics in Alliance is one of the broadest coalitions to materialize, and it strives to be one of the most bipartisan of the new breed. Kelley insists that the church’s social tradition arcs over party lines and that the common good should provide common ground for discussion. It, along with Network, organized of the Convention for the Common Good.
And some of us Christians think there's more to the faith than 1960s retread social justice.

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Eamon said...

Just a fact check - Alexia Kelly was not a "Kerry Worker". She advised the Democratic National Committee for about 4 weeks in 04 leading up to the election.

Also if a conversation is to be had on Abortion, then let us have it. Let us talk about policy that will empower women to make other choices and to have policy that will care for Children and provide healthcare for them after birth. Let us talk about the realities and circumstances around abortion what can realistically be done about. Lets do something about instead of the extremist positions taken by the Republican party this past 30 years.