Saturday, January 28, 2012

James study by Beth Moore

Some in our Beth Moore class [James] have sighed, "Ah, vintage Beth Moore." Not in my opinion. It is Beth Moore mixed with higher criticism. Her daughter Melissa, who now has a divinity degree is helping her with the writing. See pp. 80-81 of the workbook where she says the Jewish Christians didn't have the canon and therefore use of "Word" in James was referring to Mosaic Law. Huh? They had eye witnesses (including James, the brother of Jesus), they had the Holy Spirit. God's Word travelled a missionary journal all the way to the British Isles without an official canon--I think it's probable that James knew which Word he was talking about. God's revealed Word of Scripture doesn't depend on writing it down any more than the revealed Word in Creation or the revealed Word in the Incarnation did. She's so close to teaching that our pitiful good works added to Jesus' perfect work is what transforms us, I can hardly keep my coffee from spilling on the page!

Here's where the Lutheran liturgy is a helpful reminder. After confessing we haven't loved God with our whole heart or our neighbors as ourselves, the pastor reminds us that in his mercy, God gave his son, AND FOR HIS SAKE, forgives us.


Anonymous said...

Jesus I have heard of, Beth Moore I have heard of but WHO ARE YOU????? Usually people that have no influence that try to tear down those who are doing the most good. Just saying!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the quote is "we need to leave room for the possibility that he may well have been referring to the Mosaic Law. But..."I think she was trying to fend off an unnecessary argument from legalists to get on with the main point of Christ's higher Law.

mike said...

i guess it is easier for some to hear of Christ' work diminished than to hear of one of their earthly heroes work diminished.
thanks for pointing out a less than ideal issue, in hopes that those who follow will have the opportunity to consider and compare and be spared the pain of error.