Sunday, February 05, 2012

U.S. Catholic Bishops letter against Obamacare mandate

By googling today, I found out that ELCA, the former synod of UALC, 1988-2010 (we are now North American Lutheran Church) also mandates insurance coverage for its employees (and I’m assuming the member churches) that includes abortion for any reason, even gender selection and coverage of same sex partners. We Lutherans in the pew were not told that, although it may have been discussed when the merger took place in the 1980s. So I shouldn't be surprised that the average Catholic who attends Mass and maybe occasionally goes to confession is clueless about the contraception mandate that was included in Obamacare and now being forced on Roman Catholic employers.

I think that would have been a better reason to leave ELCA than the non-celebate gay pastors who were defying their ordination agreement induced sexual statement that the synod rammed through.

The usual wordy gobble-de-gook from ELCA which seems to be brevity-challenged
Exposing the ELCA by a very unhappy former member, but it does address the abortion/insurance issue
Catholic Phoenix
Pregnant Pause

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