Thursday, November 21, 2013

Beth Moore, best-selling author, has a new book

Do you have some Beth Moore fans on your Christmas list? She's very popular at UALC in our Women of the Word groups. Her new title "Whispers of hope; 10 weeks of devotional prayer" (B&H Publishing Group, 2013, $14.99) might be a good choice. I just received my copy, and I really like the plan. You remember how Beth loves assignments and workbooks? With each of the 70 days, there are assigned scripture, Beth's personal and anecdotal musings, and then pages with 4 line...s each for your own thoughts on Praise, Repentance, Acknowledgment, Intercession, Supplication for Self, and Equipping. Whether you write something down isn't as important in my view as the nudge to include these areas in your prayer life.

"I'm certain of two things: prayerless lives are powerless lives, and prayerful lives are powerful lives." Beth Moore

                         Whispers of Hope: 10 Weeks of Devotional Prayer  -     By: Beth Moore

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