Sunday, November 10, 2013

Social justice?

"Jesus was an advocate for social justice." (Council of Churches website) Jesus never called on the Roman government to feed the hungry, take care of the sick, or visit the imprisoned. Nor did he suggest that the Jews break Roman laws to bring in God's justice, a.k.a. righteousness (the only kind of justice noted in Scripture). He never claimed that higher taxes were the solution to people's problems. He didn't suggest putting the government on a higher plane than religion. I can't imagine he would support the U.S. abortion laws putting the convenience of the adults ahead of the life of the child. When he fed the multitude with a few fish and pieces of bread it was a miracle to declare who he was--a few hours later they would be hungry again if it was about food and not the Bread of Life. "Social justice" as it is promoted or explained in many church publications, committees, boards, non-profits and pulpits is warmed over Marxism. In fact, Jesus may have been critical of this entrenched religious leadership that is so cozy with power in high places seeking handouts from the government to do "good works."

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