Saturday, August 06, 2005

289 Gender neutral Trinity

ELCA (our synod) is really struggling with what it means to be a human being (male and female He made them) and what it means to be God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The Cleveland Plain Dealer today reported on the "progress" of the new hymnal. What these committees really want (all main line churches from Church of the Brethren to Presbyterian Church USA to United Methodist and American Baptist have these diversity committees who are running amuck with the blessings of their liberal leadership) is to blur the line between believer and God. The western version of the eastern religions. It's eastern mysticism all dressed up in "Sunday go to meeting" clothes without the claptrap of reaching down within through meditation--skip Go--and God.

I'm guessing that 95% of Lutherans really don't want gender neutral language--but our "faithful radicals" whose own spiritual lives are moldly and barren, decide these things because the rest of us are too satisfied or complacent and we've let them run off with our churches.

Now God is referred to by a job description, by functionality. How intimate is that? Sort of like Higher Power in the 12-step programs, or "ground of being."

"Holy Eternal Majesty, Holy Incarnate Word, Holy Obiding Spirit" is quite a mouthful if subbing for "Father, Son and Holy Spirit." And don't even THINK about King!

If a woman was abused by her father or boss or husband, she should get counseling, and stop messing up my hymns with a stringful of diversity gibberish. Better yet, she should go to the Father through Jesus the Son and ask for mercy and forgiveness for the men in her life, and for herself for all her bitterness and anger. God doesn't grade on a curve.

Turning up the heat on the frog.