Sunday, November 01, 2015

All Saints Sunday, November 1, 2015

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Narthex window, Church on Lytham

Today we Christians celebrate and remember all the Saints who have gone before us. In our church members submit names on cards to be read during the service they attend. We'll be serving communion during that time, so it is always wonderful to hear the names of my parents and sister while I'm offering the body of Christ to fellow believers.

Pastor Brody preached an unusual sermon.  He went over the funeral service as printed in the Lutheran Book of Worship (Augsburg, 1978), “Burial of the Dead” pp. 206-214.  It was very moving.

"Most Lutheran churches use the first Sunday in November to remember all the saints in the Church of Christ Jesus, especially those members and friends of the local congregation who have been called to Heaven in the previous year.

The custom of commemorating all the martyrs of the Church on a single day goes back at least to the third century. All Saints' Day celebrates not only the martyrs and saints, but all the people of God, living and dead, who together form the mystical body of Christ.

In Europe, All Saints' Day is also called All Hallow's Day ('hallowed' means 'sanctified' or 'holy'). October 31st, the evening before All Saint's Day is named All Hallow's Eve, which was contracted to Halloween." (Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Ypsilanti, MI)

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Sanctuary window, Church at Mill Run