Wednesday, January 11, 2006

323 Missionaries are Amazing

We're having a warm January after a cold December, but compared to Yakutsk, Russia, we have no concept of cold. I know nothing about this missionary family, but doesn't this photo just tell it all about devotion, obedience and following God to the ends of the earth?

This is Valentin and Liuba Nikonenko of Yakutsk, Russia.
Valentin is a leader and head of the department of Education at Association of Evangelical Churches of Yakutia. The website says it can get to -50 C in Yakutsk.

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Zoanna said...

Yes, pictures like these spurred me to make my first quilt for charity, which reminds me, I've been meaning to ask you this: would you like to check out It seems so you, with your affinity for cloth and affection for people. Speaking of missionaries, have you heard of the new movie coming out about what happened to the murderers of Jim Elliot et al? It's called End of the Spear and I hear it is NOT one of those cheesy, B-rated films about missionaries, but a first class production. Opens in theatres today in certain areas, my town being one of them!