Monday, January 16, 2006

324 Is it just me

or is this sentence trying too hard to be obtuse?

"Cornelius Van Til’s presuppositionalist apologetic has often been understood as a critical rejection of the classical apologetic of Old Princeton stalwart Benjamin B. Warfield in favor of the viewpoint of Dutch statesman/theologian Abraham Kuyper."

Anyway, it is at Reformata. He started nailing it to the door in October 2005.


Zoanna said...

Uh, Yeah, it's not just you. I would love to rewrite it if I could only buy a vowel. I'm clueless. I hate it when people try to impress themselves with 69-cent gobbledegook, don't you?

Lady Raven said...

I understood it. I wouldn't have said it though. And people think *I* write above the heads of others. Feh.