Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My 2006 Stop List for Christians

1) Stop focusing on what the non-Christians, humanists, Wiccans, ACLUns are doing, and clean up your own house. Turning a blind eye to gambling, drinking, pornography, divorce, wife abuse, child abuse, abortion, sexual infidelity and political corruption doesn't help the cause of Jesus.

2) Stop following the mainstream culture in music, gadgetry, films, TV, etc. I can't tell a Christian pop "artist" from a secular one.

3) Stop supporting politicians who focus on religious minutae for political gain and look for ones who are Matthew 25 oriented. Whether or not the 10 commandments hang in the school lobby or Intelligent Design is taught in biology won't matter in the plank and splinter events.

4) Stop squabbling over Bible translations and give people the Holy Scriptures in their own language, whether that is Swahili, Swedish, Erdu or English. Just make sure it is an accurate translation and save the paraphrases for rainy days when you're bored.

5) Stop your inconsistencies about the death penalty. If you want people to take you seriously on abortion, don't support capital punishment.

6) Stop the mega-church trend before all cities and suburbs are left churchless. If you need more space, repopulate an urban church where you can have some influence.

7) Stop letting 20 year olds design your church web pages making them so flashy and bouncy that they are difficult to navigate and make the reader motion sick.

I'd like to round this off at ten, so if you have any to add, I'm open to a few more.

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James Reesor said...

My sense of urgency about every moment of time from this day through 2007 can be summed up in one word: JIGROP!

Every person on our planet needs to be challenged with this message: Jesus is God -- repent or perish!

If Christians in all nations will humble themselves enough to "advertise" this vital message in public places, it might be possible to redirect the focus of Christian --"religious" -- leaders away from activities that have nothing to do with drawing lost souls to Christ.

We need to offer a person-to-person approach to witnessing that encourages Christians of all ages and backgrounds to get involved. Will you volunteer to wear a "JIGROP" shirt or cap? Will you quote "John 3:16" when strangers ask: "What does JIGROP mean?

If you are a sincere Christian, please think about sharing this idea with your friends. I challenge you to make and experiment with a few shirts or caps in your community to see what kind of reaction you get when visiting restaurants or the mall.

Go to this site for more ideas:

(Supernatural things will happen if you do God's will.)

Send your letter with comments or questions to:

P.O. Box 218197
Nashville, TN 37221