Saturday, April 15, 2006

341 Preaching to the Choir

is the title of a new movie starring a few folks you'll recognize and some you won't. I remember Eartha Kitt and Patti LaBelle, but you may know some of the others. The credits say Ben Vereen, but I didn't see him in the bios. It is a story to two brothers who take different paths in life--one becomes a preacher the other a criminal. A story of redemption with music. It was reviewed in one of our local free-circs by Chad Dull who liked it, but thought the writing was weak. Still, when was a reviewer right or happy with the writing? Here's how he concluded his generally positive review:

". . .if you feel a little out of touch with the man upstairs but don't feel like getting up early on Sunday morning and throwing out your back by sitting on wooden benches for a few hours, make amends by grabbing a comfy theater seat at your earliest convenience and taking in "Choir" as a substitute."

Where's he been attending church? At our church he could have the choice of 12 services (more tomorrow which is Easter) at three locations, with 4 different worship styles (traditional, blended, praise/contemporary and ear blasting loud/progressive), and for the loudest service, he'll get hard, plastic chairs. Our sanctuary pews at Lytham Rd. are padded, as are the kneelers. The sanctuary chairs at Mill Run are cushioned, however, the floor slopes like a theater which makes standing for the Gospel reading and praise songs very uncomfortable, unless you're wearing athletic shoes.

Many church plants do worship in theaters not only because they need space to rent, but because young people can relate to that environment. They are often located in malls with good parking and restaurants near-by for lunch with friends after the service. At the price of real estate, I think a young church is smart to go this direction.

Preaching to the Choir is also the name of a Christian blog, who is probably getting a lot of pings from folks looking for this movie. That's how I found her.

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