Thursday, April 27, 2006

344 Thou shall not

I just tried unsuccessfully to download some software from my service provider. I read through all the instructions, inserted the secret password it e-mailed me, and waited through a long download, only to have a message pop-up that it had been interrupted. Well, nice try, but no thanks. I won't sit through that again. However, the "I agree" statement was instructive. It made me wish that Christians had to sign something like this about the Bible and the basic beliefs of whatever Christian group they are joining:

You may not
  • decompile
  • reverse engineer
  • disassemble
  • reduce
  • modify
  • sell
  • rent
  • lease
  • transfer
  • resell for profit
  • distribute or create derivative works
Holy Scripture or the Christian faith.

And have you seen the rules Verizon is developing for Wireless content? I know churches who aren't that strict! The list of prohibited words is up to 83. (See the Wall Street Journal story, April 27, 2006)

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