Monday, May 01, 2006

348 Responding to DaVinci Code

When I hear advice that Christians should use the DaVinci Code movie as a witnessing tool, I just sigh. First off, I'm not going to give these Hollywood hacks $6 or $7 for denying Jesus. Secondly, most Christians couldn't do battle in theology or apologetics. If all you can do is give your own "personal experience" story, you aren't going to win against Tom Hanks and Hollywood. The Gospel isn't the Good News about Norma, it's the Good News of Jesus. Witnessing about our own experience has never been the point--not 2,000 years ago and not today. If you don't have on your full armor(Eph. 6:13)--don't go to the movie. You'll be slaughtered. See DaVinci Dialogue. Comments at my other blog.

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