Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anne Lamott

I love Anne Lamott's writings, but I hope she's been misquoted, or misparaphrased here:
    Lamott described herself to Krista as a spiritual “woman of faith” who disdains dogma and “the great evil” of religious fundamentalism. She calls out fundamentalism as a terrifying peril of our time: “a conviction of being right and of feeling that we are chosen and that other people can be denied a seat at the banquet table.”
I guess she's never read any of Jesus' parables, or Paul, or Moses, or Nahum or a host of other Biblical writers. This was from one of those "I'm spiritual but not religious" gibberish websites.

I'm a fundamentalist about a number of things. It means having core beliefs, adhering to the fundamentals. Like the weakest (the unborn) need our protection, love and healthcare. Or, if we accept, buy or take in a pet, we absolutely have responsibilities to protect and care for it. Or, there are about 70 references to the first 11 chapters of Genesis in the New Testament, so who am I to question how God did it. And this one, Jesus never, never suggested you take money from one neighbor you didn't know to help out another one you did. That's called stealing, according to Moses, who also had a pretty good relationship with God. Lust and adultery always, always come to bad ends in the Bible. Call it fundamentalism or dogma, but I'd hardly call it the peril of our times. Even religious wars are rarely about religion--they're about ethnicity, power and land grabs from my reading of history. There are manipulative leaders who inflame religious fervor for their own purposes, but again, that's about power, not fundamental beliefs.

The oh wow cool dude whatever crowd are probably just high on something. When they come down, sober up, or dry out, they probably know something about fundamentals, too.

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Three Score and Ten or more said...

We could probably browse around in each other's theologic principles and find a lot of things to disagree about, but your fundamentals fit right in with my fundamentals. (We could probably also find a lot more things to agree about.)