Sunday, March 07, 2010

David Householder's advice on technology for Pastors

This is excellent advice. And although I'm not an expert on church growth, evangelism, or technology, most of it sounds right to me. Especially this one on church web sites.

And sure, websites are old school, but there are trends to watch.

1) Simple is good. Think iPod. If you aren’t going to update it, don’t post it. Stale dates, etc. are a bad sign.

2) Never ever ever use stock photos of “beautiful people.” Use real pix of your people. Authentic is everything.

3) Make it easy to “contact us.” Real phone numbers and email addresses. Don’t make people have to hunt to find you.

4) Prominently feature the picture and bio of the senior pastor. People are looking for this.

5) Come right out and tell people what your worship style and political/theological stances are. Don’t be vague. If you’re pro-life, say so. If you are liturgical, say so. Etc.

6) Make sure the branding, colors, logos, etc. actually match your church service and “vibe.” Don’t have an artsy, brooding (albeit cool) website if you are a happy clappy church. The medium is the message.

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